How To Start a Candle Making Business at Home

The use of candles has significantly increased nowadays. They are not only used for religious purposes; rather people love them to apply for decoration. Candles are extensively used in households, parties, restaurants, and other special events for decorative purposes and to light up the interior. Candle making has become a favorite business, especially for beginners. It is straightforward to start and do not require much capital. Any individual can commence it on a small scale or make it a part-time business. Its manufacturing is a natural process, you do not require much machinery, and the primary material you need is wax and wick. Apart from pure white candles, there exists a large potential market for decorative and scented candles. So if you wish to start a candle making a business from home, it holds great potential and can prove profitable. Some of the simple steps required in this process are as follows:


Learn Candle Making Skills:


The candle is a great product to make and sell. To start a business, the necessary step is to learn candle making skills. For this, first, decide that what type of candle you like to make and pick a wax accordingly to work with. Then learn the techniques to create a boxes and candle online practice them. You can take a class in the community, or ask some friend or relative to guide you. A variety of tutorials are available online which can guide you throughout the process.


Learn Candle Making Skills


Deal With Legal Obligations:


To get your business registered to hire a lawyer who may guide you to file the appropriate paperwork and ensure legal licenses to start your business. Choose a suitable business name and select the business structure you want to follow. For example, if you wish to start a small scale business you have two options 1) sole proprietorship 2) a limited liability company. Apply for Employer Identification Number (EIN) which identifies one's business to IRS. However, if you are establishing a sole proprietorship, you probably do not need EIN, but it can be used for tax purpose.


Deal With Legal Obligations


Arranging Raw Materials:

The basic raw materials used for making all types of candles are wick and paraffin wax. Try to buy the raw material in bulk so that you may save cost. Other materials and equipment required are required melting pots, weighing scale, oven, thermometer, colors, fragrances, yarn, molds and some decorative items. Also, pay particular attention towards the packaging of candles. You can use Kraft candle boxes or simple cardboard boxes with transparent windows for this purpose. Decorate them accordingly to enhance the beauty of your enchanting candles.


Arranging Raw Materials


Make and Sell Your Product:

Once you have gathered all the material, start making candles. You can experiment with different styles, techniques, and fragrances to make your candles more appealing. Design an attractive logo for your business. This will make your product more recognizable and exciting for customers to buy. You have two ways to sell your products; one option is to sell them in some local store, or another way is to sell them online and make creative design boxes for sell at best.




Online Presence and Marketing:

In this digital world, one of the best options is to sell your products online from home. For this purpose, establish an online presence. Make your business website and upload new pictures of your beautiful candles. Craft websites are becoming popular these days as you set up a mini website on your own through a more extensive site and website handles all the transactions on your behalf. You have control over all policies and designs, and you can send the product to the required destination. After establishing your website, start marketing through social media. Make your page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest etc. and try to gain a large number of followers by daily advertisement and posting. Share interesting pictures and valuable content to make you more professional in the packaging field .


Online Presence and Marketing